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About Me

Hey! I’m Asia and I like to think of the kitchen as my canvas. It’s where my creativity runs free!

From a young age, I always had a fascination with cooking and food. I loved how it can bring people together. I still have vivid memories of the day I snuck into my parent’s kitchen at 7 years old to cook my family dinner for the first time. It was a simple bowl of pasta, but being able to create something and have my family come together is what made me fall in love with cooking.

My mom’s side of the family are first generation immigrants who built a life in Canada. I was raised being taught the privilege of having regular, home cooked meals. I still remember coming home from school as a child and smelling the delicious Filipino foods that my grandma would cook for us. Looking back, I realize it was a blessing that not everyone could have. 

As someone who grew up with a passion for food & culture, I was always excited to share it with others. From early childhood I was able to see the amazing cultural influences of food in my own home. This sparked my curiosity in learning more about other cultures and their cuisines. I learned that food is beyond consumption. Just like how a picture is worth over 1000 words, there is a story behind every dish. 

Growing up, the significance of cooking & food became more apparent to me.

I use it as my therapy, to connect with others, and most importantly to express love. As soon as I gained my own independence in my late teens, I began testing out different recipes. I would take the bus and trek to grocery stores all over my city to find the right ingredients. It was all part of the experience; and I still love everything about it.

Being able to share my joy of cooking with you is something that I have always wanted to do. My goal is to educate, inspire, and connect people through food. I hope that you leave here having learned something new.

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to learn more about my story.

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